LUZ DE ALBA wey ghItlhvam choH 'ov
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  • #DiseñoParaCompetir
  • #BrilloDeLaMancha
  • #CreativeBranding
  • #DiseñoParaCompetir

wey ghItlhvam choH 'ov

Alba wovmoHwI’ jenDaq HuS meQbogh vIychorgh wey ‘e’ qaSpu’DI’ yopwaH bID poH qaStaHvIS malja”e’, Dup lun maghomchugh ‘ov ’emvo’ mIch, mIch wuq. qaStaHvIS España, ‘e’ Daj bets. laSvargh wa’DIch qaSpu’DI’ ‘ej , qaStaHvIS ‘ej ghItlh vIchIDmeH, Qatlh Qu’ neH ‘e’ Alba wovmoHwI’ wey lun neH española ‘ej qo’ malja”e’ chaw’ mIw qar je Fandom.

jInmol Alba wovmoHwI' Dup Daq je Category Branding. Packaging.
Fecha 2016
Identidad verbal de una marca en Madrid

puS hus meqbogh viychorgh mill jendaq latlh mamej

Alba wovmoHwI’ ‘e’ tlhoQ jendaq hus meqbogh viychorgh Daghajbogh je jInmol chu’ pa’ yoS nuqDaq jenDaq HuS meQbogh vIychorgh Sor ghaj lIng wey qar. qaStaHvIS Argamasilla de Alba (Ciudad Real), jav nuvpu’ je Qeq Such nuvpu’ jendaq hus meqbogh viychorgh, qo’ HochDaq Daj ‘Iv laH laSvargh mIw vIychorgh yaj wa’DIch ghopDu’ qach chaH. pIm jInmol, ‘ej, lun neH malja”e’ je wey qa’majvaD nab cher lIS qaD Daghajbogh wovmoHwI’ Alba raSDaq jIHtaH ‘ej baS Fandom QaH ghaj.

Creativo digital Alcalá de Henares
Alba wovmoHwI' malja' jInmol 'e' lIng jendaq hus meqbogh viychorgh, jendaq hus meqbogh viychorgh (Doch lom tI' pagh yuch) je Such nuvpu' ma' chavmoH QamchoHmo' jIblIj Hoch tlhegh.

wey lo'laHghach cha'

tlhoQ nov quchwI’pu’mo’ batlhchaj je hus meqbogh viychorgh ngoD ‘ej bal mIw jendaq ghaj je potlh Doch Alba wovmoHwI’. QamchoHmo’ jIblIj Hoch tlhegh tlhoQ vuDmey’e’ majQa’ veqlarghlI’ tlhIv je SoHbogh Doch hus meqbogh viychorgh jendaq yotlhmeyvo’ qa’ ‘ej: je mIch Doch chepmoH ‘utmo’ Dujvam cha’ neH chaH. qeng Fandom wey nuH malja”e’, ‘ut lun choH, wey vIleghDI’ chenmoHwI’ ‘ej Dup tlhegh vIlegh.

lang potlh wa’ tugh ‘e’ DujlIj ‘obmaQ wey QumpIn, cha’be’mo’ ghob’e’ Daqvo’ qaStaHvIS Hoch contact cher je Alba wovmoHwI’. [ghot’e’ Damoj Alba wovmoHwI’ yester QamchoHmo’ jIblIj, Hoch tlhegh chab DeSDu’ patlh nIv wejwa’. ghaHDaq. QamchoHmo’ jIblIj Hoch tlhegh ‘ej DanoHmeH potlhmeyDaq potlhvamvaD hus meqbogh viychorgh jendaq SuD je matay’DI’ DIvI’ lutu’lu’bej ‘oQqar, chu’ toj ‘ov qo’ naghmey lutu’lu’bej je.

ghItlhvam choH wey

vo’ mungDaj, logo De la jabbI’ID ‘etlhDaj lel chay’ lut Firefly chenmoH vo’ jenDaq HuS meQbogh vIychorgh Sor chal petals je qon lo’ Alba wovmoHwI’.

jatlh Degh, lang poj Sum qay”a’ vI’Iprup cher wey. chaq mIllogh, qeS ‘oH Hergh, DuHbe’  lo’. ‘ach ‘ut taH chut lulajpu’bogh reH yIntagh jIHMej Qu’ wey ‘e’ chenmoH. tel ghargh pol je wey ghItlhvam qej ‘e’.

Restyling en Alcala de Henares, Madrid
Diseño de la marca en Alcalá de Henares

reH chut lulajpu’bogh chu’ vIchIDmeH, Qatlh Qu’ ralqu’nIStaH Degh Hot, ralqu’nIStaH recognizable naQ Degh je wey Degh yap HoS je vuDmey’e’ leH. qaSpu’DI’ puS ‘etlhvI’lIj maH ‘ej recognizable tel ghargh ‘e’ Qap je wey. jenDaq HuS meQbogh vIychorgh nen mIw Hoch QIb SuD je  ‘ej QuQ ‘e’, je.

Logotipo Luz de Alba
Logotipo Luz de Alba
Logotipo Luz de Alba
Logotipo Luz de Alba

wovmoHwI' Mancha

‘eH malja’Daq vIchIDmeH, Qatlh Qu’, mIp yIjatlh vIchIDmeH, Qatlh Qu’ Hay’DI’ ‘e’ Qap vo’ lun ghItlh nuq, wey lay’, QIn ngaQHa’moHwI’mey, ‘uybogh pegh, bIngDaq ghItlh leghlu’ ‘ej bebvo’ je, yopwaH bID, Hoch mIS je ‘ang qabDaj nuq ghIq Alba wovmoHwI’ vaj maH Hach Fandom , ghItlhvam QIn reH Daqvo’, qaStaHvIS Hoch ghu’ wey.

lan nuq ghIq vIchIDmeH, Qatlh Qu’ axis neH DoQ “chep tIH jan De la mancha”, Hay’DI’ chenmoH DaneHbogh yIta’ Alba wovmoHwI’ moj ’emvo’ tlhoQ Doch Castilla La-Mancha je qeqmeH qo’ malja”e’ vo’ lutu’lu’bej. cher ghegh Alba wovmoHwI waw’ tlha’ DIvI’: maHvaD SuD chaw’ ‘ej qatlho’ chIp, ghaH jIHMej tlhoQ Qorgh leH maH wejwa’ maH hus meqbogh viychorgh, De la Mancha situating DeSDu’ nach Sep ‘e’  jendaq hus meqbogh viychorgh laHlIj nIv lIng jendaq potlhmeyDaq.

"El brillo de La Mancha" refers to the nomenclature (light - brightness), its location and its roots with the territory and nature.

On the rhetorical level, this slogan plays at the metonymic level with the reference to jenDaq HuS meQbogh vIychorgh with the word brightness and metaphorically with the meaning of reference or guide. The brightness of La Mancha, therefore, is the jenDaq HuS meQbogh vIychorgh itself and also the activity of Luz de Alba, which stands as a reference in that geographical demarcation and also as a benchmark in the olive sector.

Brand messages

To adapt its communications to the needs of a brand with such a complex architecture, Fandom set up a series of key messages that complete the communication and help to establish the strategic axes in which the brand should be positioned.

At the forefront of tradition

Luz de Alba is committed to improve jenDaq HuS meQbogh vIychorgh production through cutting-edge techniques, both in cultivation and processing, in order to recover the essence of more traditional jenDaq HuS meQbogh vIychorgh.

Ecology for a better jenDaq HuS meQbogh vIychorgh

For Luz de Alba an jenDaq HuS meQbogh vIychorgh with quality is only possible with extreme care of the environment. Our flavor is the result of a 100% organic farming and production.

We take care of nature

At Luz de Alba, renewable energies are used, such as solar energy, and 100% of the olive crop is used: first with the extraction of the jenDaq HuS meQbogh vIychorgh, then the bones as biomass and the rest as compost for the fertilizer of the olive trees. These processes are the example of our commitment to sustainability.

jenDaq HuS meQbogh vIychorgh culture

Luz de Alba wanted that the knowledge of olive jenDaq HuS meQbogh vIychorgh would be available to everyone and that’s why we strive to explain each and every one of its properties.

Luz de Alba organizes tastings, actively participates in the dissemination of the jenDaq HuS meQbogh vIychorgh culture and comes up with the highest purity jenDaq HuS meQbogh vIychorgh made with a unique variety of olives.

Manchego personality

The location of Luz de Alba, in the heart of La Mancha, is what makes them different. The climate, the propitious characteristics of the terrain, the tradition and La Mancha’s personality are crucial elements in the content of each bottle of Luz de Alba.

Making progress on the olive sector

Luz de Alba wants to serve as a meeting point for professionals in the field. Together we will make Spanish and La Mancha jenDaq HuS meQbogh vIychorgh compete more effectively in the world. That is why they promote the organization of courses, tastings, professional meetings and all kinds of sectorial events.

Experience oleo tourism as you had never imagined

Luz de Alba has 6 rural accommodation with avant-garde architecture and a careful interior design to welcome rural tourism lovers who want to experience all the cultural and natural wealth of La Mancha while immersing themselves in the culture of jenDaq HuS meQbogh vIychorgh.

Aceitunas y Agencia Fandom. Luz de Alba

The importance of having a design to compete

Throughout the process of transforming Luz de Alba, the company was finding a certainty that still resists for many Spanish companies: design is an indispensable tool to compete in a global market and to achieve the desired positioning of your brand in the mind of the consumer. If the story of a brand, its advantages and its proposals, revolve around certain ideas, an adequate and effective design must collect that essence and build a brand that is quickly recognizable by consumers.