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Fandom is an agency that considers that you can not do a good job in branding, or in communication in general, without having a proven method, without being exhaustive in the collection and analysis of data and, of course, without that part of talent and intuition that allows to generate novel and very effective strategies.

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Having a defined strategy and a convincing identity makes easy that brand communication is consistent and that all efforts lead into the same direction. It will save a lot of resources on the long run. However, worst than not having a strategy is having the wrong one.

Brand strategic consulting with lots of methods, kilos of data, loads of analysis and a little bit of intuition.

At Fandom, to approach the integral management of a brand: 1º We define what the brand is, its values, its meaning / 2º We transfer those meanings into a narration / 3º We bring a unique Look and Feel into that storytelling.
/ 4º We establish the guidelines so that all the brand communication builds that narrative and respects its design / 5º We favor that, around the brand, thanks to its narration and consumer experiences, a community of fans will appear.It is necessary to take care of the brand because it is the cornerstone that sustains all the communicative activity of the company.

Services so your brand renews for second season

It’s important to have a solid brand, but that is not achieved by magic, but with a clear and successful strategy. And for that nothing is better than the strategic consulting services of Fandom:

  • Brand positioning
  • Brand architecture
  • Strategic Communication Plan
  • Brand Audit
  • Transmedia Consulting
  • Gamification Consulting
Estrategia de comunicación. Agencia Fandom


For any brand, know where it is and where it wants to be, is the previous step before beginning the action.This is why a brand strategy service is fundamental when building solid brands and generating business profits. This was the case of one of Fandom’s most exciting projects: the positioning of Sociedad Histórica.

Sociedad Histórica de Viajes y Expediciones is undoubtedly one of those brands with much to tell. So much that it suffered the blurring and hiding of the offer instead of strengthening it with its brand narrative. Pursuing the goal of being a different travel agency, customers actually had trouble perceiving this brand as a travel agency.

From the strategy to the claim

To solve it, Fandom reoriented the look and feel of Sociedad Histórica to adjust its positioning into a different travel agency. We created the “I was there” claim for all their communication and advertising campaigns and we helped them in designing the most spectacular and original travel agency office you can find around the world.

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A matter of method…

On the word of Sherlock, Conan Doyle has already explained that “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.” That’s why at Fandom we offer a strategy service that has a lot of method and tested techniques, tones of data collection, analysis and a bit, but just a little bit of intuition.