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To connect brands with their audiences and establish links that go beyond a commercial exchange, Fandom transfers brand narratives into design, advertising, press, events, social media and any media, platform or support.And we do it by using cutting-edge entertainment techniques such as transmedia stories, new tools like the gamification, and by being aware that branded content actions must be cost-effective and measurable.

Agencia Fandom

Experts in popular culture and transmedia storytelling

Transmedia storytelling (a story that is told through different stories that are distributed on several media channels) is one of the characteristic communicative phenomena of our time. Understanding what transmedia storytelling is (and what is not), locating the receivers on the center of the transmedia and facing the disappearance of the border between fiction and nonfiction are some of the keys of being able to take advantage of the full potential of the transmedia narratives in business communication.In Fandom we are specialized in transmedia and other cutting-edge techniques like gamification. They are the key to understand how narrations (shared meanings) work today. “Stories become games; game becomes stories”, as Frank Rose explained to state that the narratives today tend to become immersive. This is applied to fiction, but it is equally true to branding.

New media

Fandom is an agency entirely made up of digital natives: young professionals for whom talking about 2.0 sounds as old as VHS or He-Man. Nowadays, even the analog is digital and it is key to understand the logics and formats but above all, the changes of mentality that they imply. Understanding how the public, brand and channels interact is essential to successfully deliver our communication services:

  • Web / UX / UI
  • Transmedia Storytelling
  • Gamification
  • Branded Content
  • Social Media
  • Photography / Video / Motion Graphics
Agencia Fandom. Branding, branded content y comunicación

The communicative forms of the printing age don't work anymore. Fandom is the way to adapt to the new times.

The era of printing has given way to a digital world in which the liquidity of formats condemns us to the importance of the present, as it happened in the pre-alphabetical world. In the world of orality, when the only support of communication was sound, when something was said, it immediately ceased to exist … Bluff !!! The evanescence of sound. Today, as in the past, what is not communicated does not exist. To disappear from the global conversation supposes exactly that: to disappear. Both in antiquity, when there was no writing, and in the present, there are a series of products that have demonstrated an amazing ability to impact on the memory of people and spread in a sustained way: popular narratives.

Horrores Ejemplares was a case in which, precisely, the key to its success was a coordinated action in all kinds of media, formats and platforms.The City of Alcalá de Henares, the writer’s hometown, bring up to the agency the need to bring the figure of Cervantes closer to the younger ones. Fandom got to work and created one of the most amazing events of the IV Centenary.

A pioneer narrative inmersion

On the Day of the Dead, we resurrected an old enemy of Cervantes and we organized a battle for the survival of the writer’s memory to what more than 10,000 people attended. It took place both in that massive event and in a multitude of stories that formed a transmedia narrative pioneer in Spain that brought Cervantes closer to the youngest ones.

Mago de Oz y Agencia Fandom


At the beginning of the 20th century, Frank Baum created with the Wizard of Oz a surprising transmedia franchise, advancing almost a century to what today are the most complex and successful narrative techniques. Nowadays, stories turn into games, games in stories, brands in narrations and narrations in brands … Ultimately: today the stories go through a yellow tile path that passes through all possible means and channels while maintaining the essence of that narrative. In Fandom we have the equipment and resources necessaries for your brand to successfully travel all those ways.