SPORT HOMES How to build a brand from an unknown field
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How to build a brand from an unknown field

Sport Homes is a brand that needed to be known within an unknown industry. Fandom had a double mission: to promote the knowledge of Sport Homes among the experts of mobile homes and, at the same time, make the subject more popular to the general public. Fandom developed Sport Homes’ new website and with it the tool that provides content to the social media platforms of the brand. It has been possible to multiply visits on the website and increase the number of Facebook followers. This has had a very positive impact on Sport Homes sales, and the turnover has increased an average of 40% since Fandom took charge of their communication two years ago.


Sport Homes is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the field of mobile homes and prefabricated houses. This sector, very developed in the United States and in some European countries such as France, is not well-known in Spain. There are not too many consumers who consider buying a mobile home, even if it is the most reasonable option due to their economic or family situation. A sector with some relevance, with consumers who do have a high degree of knowledge, and that can’t be considered to have a generalist audience. Fandom developed a communicative strategy that aimed to place Sport Homes as a leader on its field while promoting and spreading the general knowledge of that sector.

The web in the center of the content strategy

The starting point of the content strategy was the creation of a functional website that would be moved away from the minimum standards of usability and design that Sport Homes’ page used to have. For the new website, the development that was proposed was based on CMS, specifically WordPress, to facilitate its regular content updates. In the design, it was important to give relevance to the houses since the objectives of the site were two: favor the positioning of Sport Homes in search engines (yes, when we say “search engines” we mean Google) and provide the company’s commercial department with an updated catalog online that would allow them to manage sales with remote customers. We also need to consider that in the world of mobile homes, each house has a unique state and unique characteristics, so having photos of the model in which the customer is interested was a key factor to promote sales.

Since the houses that Sport Homes have for sale are the main characters on its website, it was essential to have professional photos to show them. As mobile homes’ stock is renewed very frequently, we provide a photographic service to ensure that the online catalog is updated and up to date.

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Sport-Homes y la comunicación publicitaria


As the icing on the initial phase of relaunching the new website and the new content strategy of Sport Homes, Fandom made a basic restyling of the logo to normalize it, give the brand visual system a palette of colors and coherent typographical use. With this new brand, Fandom was looking to offer a professional and high-quality brand image.

Sport-Homes logotipo
La nueva identidad visual de sport-Homes

Leaders in social media

After the initial phase, with both the brand and its operative web prepared, Sport Homes needed diffusion. For this, Fandom implemented a very effective Facebook strategy that multiplied the number of followers of its page, with the consequent increase of the publication’s reach.With Sport Homes website as the main provider of content, its Facebook page has achieved more than 6,000 followers in its two years of life. Those are several thousand more followers than most of the companies profiles on the competition and up to 10 times more than one of the main competitors of Sport Homes. Fandom continues managing the Sport Homes platforms, giving continuity to the successful strategy with which the project started. From 2016 to 2017, the Facebook page has grown 400%, with the consequent increase in the scope and impact of the publications. In addition, the website has registered more than 353,000 visits from January 2016 to November 2017 and is ranked among the top 10 results of Google in more than 50 keywords with high query volumes.

Campaña redes sociales para Sport-Homes

Brand and sector, hand in hand

In the strategic audit stage, Fandom realized about the limited knowledge that the market had about Sport Homes products. That’s why the strategy on social media platforms not only happens to promote the prefabricated houses of Sport Homes, but also its field, which increasingly attracts more attention among the public.The fact that the industry where Sport Homes belongs is hardly known gives meaning to this strategy.  Since the brand and the sector are irremediably linked in the consumers minds, the audience is informed about the sector, which helps people to get more knowledge about mobile homes and positively affects the company. This strategy is followed by Sport Homes Facebook page and by the website blog. This blog is regularly updated, addressing issues of all kinds related to mobile homes. In this space of the web it deepen into curiosities, offers, events, news …

400% Increase on the number of Facebook followers
353.000 Visitors on the website from January 2016 to November 2017
TOP 10 10 first results of Google in more than 50 keywords
40% Increase in annual sales by 40%

An effective strategy for an unknown sector

The strategy implemented by Fandom has improved the position of Sport Homes before its direct competitors. It is one of the best-positioned companies in the sector, thanks to both its website and its social media profiles. Sport Homes has registered more than 350,000 visits on its website in the last year. Most of those visits are coming from Facebook shares from Sport Homes profile, a social network that had at the beginning of 2018 more than 6000 followers. In addition, Sport Homes is ranked among the top 10 results on Google, in more than 50 keywords with considerable query volumes. These figures reinforce Fandom’s strategy for Sport Homes. All this has resulted in an increase on the turnover: in the two years that Fandom has been working on Sport Homes communication annual sales have improved 40%.