SOCIEDAD HISTÓRICA From a good idea to a correct brand positioning
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How to move from a good idea to a appropriate brand positioning?

Sociedad Histórica is a start-up company with a cool idea: they offer themed trips based on great real stories. For example: emulate the trip of Darwin in the Beagle or discover the Amazon after the steps of Orellana looking for El Dorado. With a wonderful idea and a solid business proposition, Sociedad Histórica encountered a problem of connection with the users of its brand: they were showing an image that stepped too far from showing a travel agency.Fandom’s work consisted of reorienting its positioning by maintaining all its values and differences but generating a recognizable offer.

Proyect Brand strategic positioning Categories Estrategia. Branding.
Date 2016
Agencia publicitaria Madrid. Identidad visual grafica


Sociedad Histórica de Expediciones y Viajes nació de la voluntad de su creador, Tito Vivas, un arqueólogo y egiptólogo, que quería construir una empresa para realizar “viajes al pasado”. No tanto en el sentido de viajes en el tiempo, sino de tematizar viajes a través de acontecimientos y personajes históricos reales. El problema de Sociedad Histórica era que no conseguía traducir esa apuesta innovadora en ventas.

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Sociedad Histórica y Agencia Fandom
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Sociedad Histórica en Alcalá de Henares
Sociedad Histórica. Agencia de viajes en Alcala de Henares
Sociedad Histórica Alcalá de Henares

A different agency, but an agency

Fandom made an arduous investigation for Sociedad Histórica, including a brand audit, which provided a conclusive data report of the brand’s communication problems. One of the main obstacles of Sociedad Histórica was that it did not present itself as a travel agency. It was expressly introducing itself by saying “we are not a travel agency”. The questions of many potential customers when they approached the brand were: “so what do you offer?” or “but can I book a trip with you?”.

The first specific proposal that turned out from the research was the need to establish a positioning statement that would explain exactly what the brand is to all its stakeholders. To the “we are not a travel agency” we added the very important nuance of “we are not a conventional travel agency”. We indirectly emphasized the activity of the company to express that “all the guarantees of a great agency and the taste of the expeditions of days gone by” were offered.


Thanks to a unique brand narrative and user experience.


Sociedad Histórica combines that originality with all the reliabilities and guarantees of a great agency.

Renewal and evocation: I WAS THERE

Sociedad Histórica was launched onto the market with a vintage look and feel, in which the most common graphic elements of the Victorian age were completed with photographs of the XIX century or the beginning of the XX century. They had a strong ethnographic nature or its historical and informative values prevailed more than the evocative and suggestive character. Under the criteria of Fandom, Sociedad Histórica completely renewed its catalogs and its website incorporating photographs of great quality and with a landscape value that generated a greater engagement with its potential consumers.

Agencia Fandom y Sociedad Histórica
View of the old Historical Society website, which was modified to give a more visual and focused appearance on the products, that is, on the trips. In the image below, the new website can be seen and it shows a display of the travel offer with a grid of attractive photographs.

To focus the whole essence of the message on a powerful claim, Fandom proposed that Sociedad Histórica communication revolve around the claim “I was there,” presenting the trips always along with that slogan. “When Rudyard Kipling wrote The Jungle Book. I was there “,” When Lagreé and Garnier photographed Angkor Wat. I was there”, “When Robert Johnson made a deal with the devil. I was there”.

The space

As the last step in the renewal of Sociedad Histórica, we raised the need to have a physical space that would give the brand image a certain solidity for some consumers. Although the main activity of Sociedad Histórica was to be held on the internet, the research data that we did revealed the need to have a physical space that would generate confidence and peace of mind to the more conservative consumers and to those ones less used to the e-commerce system or more reluctant to trust a 100% digital company.

The agency location was designed to be a springboard for the brand. The space brought together the best of its narrative and also allowed to generate new content. The décor was inspired by London’s halls and clubs, combined with a small museum of rare objects, pieces assembled on the agency’s trips and a suggestive travel library. In addition to receiving customers, the space is used to host book presentations, conferences or small cultural gatherings.

Agencia de viajes en Alcala de Henares
42% Billing increase on the fiscal year after the repositioning of the brand.
65% More requests for trips on the following fiscal year after the repositioning of the brand.
100% Visits on the website were doubled on the following fiscal year after the repositioning of the brand.

A benchmark on the industry

In a very short time, thanks to the great job done by the brand management and Fandom work, Sociedad Histórica has managed to become a benchmark in the field and compete hand-in-hand with other veteran agencies. Figures reflect that after the first year of the repositioning of the brand made by Fandom, Sociedad Histórica received 65% more of travel requests, doubled the visits to its website and the billing increase 42% over previous years. Those figures also support that the strategic approaches designed by Fandom pointed out in the right direction and that the product of this startup is extremely attractive. It has an extraordinarily positive forecast for the coming years.