LUZ DE ALBA Brand redesign to compete
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Brand redesign to compete

Luz de Alba is an oil brand that, after a short time in the market, decided to reorient its strategic positioning to be able to compete within a sector, the olive sector. In Spain, this industry starts to have interesting bets. After an investigation and a phase of strategic consulting, Fandom also assumed the renewal of the visual and verbal identity in a process that allows Luz de Alba to position its brand in the Spanish and international markets.

Proyect Strategic positioning and rebranding of Luz de Alba Categories Branding. Packaging.
Date 2016
Identidad verbal de una marca en Madrid

Much more than an oil mill

Luz de Alba is a company that produces organic virgin olive oils that also has an innovative project in the areas where it has olive trees. In Argamasilla de Alba (Ciudad Real), they have built six rural lodgings with the aim of attracting tourists interested in the world of oil, who can understand first hand the manufacturing processes of the olive juice. Integrating the different dimensions of the project, adjusting its positioning in the market and establishing a plan to communicate the brand were the challenges that Luz de Alba had on the table and for which it had Fandom’s help.

Creativo digital Alcalá de Henares
Luz de Alba is a business project that combines the production of oils, oil products (such as cosmetics or chocolate) and a tourist accommodation service.

Showing brand values

Luz de Alba has as a fundamental characteristic the ecological certification of both the crops and the oil production and bottling process. This ecological character is combined with an extraordinary attention to the purity of the product and a spirit of spreading the oil culture: they want to show the advantages and benefits of the product to their sector. Fandom carried out a brand audit to see brand’s possibilities in the market, the necessary positioning adjustments, the brand architecture and the strategic lines of action.

One of the fundamental points was to establish with Luz de Alba what would be the axes of its brand communication, those ideas that must be transmitted in every contact. The result was to turn Luz de Alba towards the flavor of yesteryear combined with innovation at the highest level. This dichotomy of using avant-garde techniques and tools to recover the traditional essences of the oil was combined with a greater connection to local roots playing with the trick of competing globally from the local.

Redesign of the brand

From its origins, Luz de Alba used a logo composed by the anagram LA and an illustration of a fictitious firefly made from the petals of the olive tree flower.

In the case of the logo, the investigation pointed out a proximity problem with a more established brand. In the case of the illustration, the impossibility of reproducing it easily, advise against its use. However, it was necessary to create a continuous design still related to the jobs that the brand have done. That meant keeping the firefly-butterfly as the image of the brand.

Restyling en Alcala de Henares, Madrid
Diseño de la marca en Alcalá de Henares

The design of the new identity consisted of giving the imagotype a more iconographic feeling, more recognizable, and maintaining a brand emblem with sufficient strength and character. After several exercises we opted for a very schematic and recognizable butterfly that worked with the colors of the brand. Colors that, precisely, were also renewed taking as reference all the shades of the process of olive’s maturation.

Logotipo Luz de Alba
Logotipo Luz de Alba
Logotipo Luz de Alba
Logotipo Luz de Alba

El brillo de la Mancha

Along with the visual identity job, Fandom developed a rich verbal identity in which we worked from the positioning statement, the brand promise, the key messages, the tone, the texts of the web and, in short, all the expressions verbal of Luz de Alba so that, in addition to the image, the brand would always transmit, in each situation, the appropriate messages.

The axis of verbal identity was placed in the claim “El brillo de la Mancha”, in which a reference was made to the aspiration of Luz de Alba to become a reference within the ecological productions of Castilla La Mancha and to compete in the global market from the local. The logic narrative of Luz de Alba was established based on the following causal relationships: we recovered the flavor of yesteryear thanks to cutting-edge techniques with which we maintain extreme care for the environment and this allows us to recover the traditional essences of the oil, situating La Mancha at the head of the regions that produce organic virgin olive oils of the highest quality.

"El brillo de La Mancha" refers to the nomenclature (light - brightness), its location and its roots with the territory and nature.

On the rhetorical level, this slogan plays at the metonymic level with the reference to oil with the word brightness and metaphorically with the meaning of reference or guide. The brightness of La Mancha, therefore, is the oil itself and also the activity of Luz de Alba, which stands as a reference in that geographical demarcation and also as a benchmark in the olive sector.

Brand messages

To adapt its communications to the needs of a brand with such a complex architecture, Fandom set up a series of key messages that complete the communication and help to establish the strategic axes in which the brand should be positioned.

At the forefront of tradition

Luz de Alba is committed to improve oil production through cutting-edge techniques, both in cultivation and processing, in order to recover the essence of more traditional olive oil.

Ecology for a better oil

For Luz de Alba an oil with quality is only possible with extreme care of the environment. Our flavor is the result of a 100% organic farming and production.

We take care of nature

At Luz de Alba, renewable energies are used, such as solar energy, and 100% of the olive crop is used: first with the extraction of the oil, then the bones as biomass and the rest as compost for the fertilizer of the olive trees. These processes are the example of our commitment to sustainability.

Oil culture

Luz de Alba wanted that the knowledge of olive oil would be available to everyone and that’s why we strive to explain each and every one of its properties.

Luz de Alba organizes tastings, actively participates in the dissemination of the oil culture and comes up with the highest purity oil made with a unique variety of olives.

Manchego personality

The location of Luz de Alba, in the heart of La Mancha, is what makes them different. The climate, the propitious characteristics of the terrain, the tradition and La Mancha’s personality are crucial elements in the content of each bottle of Luz de Alba.

Making progress on the olive sector

Luz de Alba wants to serve as a meeting point for professionals in the field. Together we will make Spanish and La Mancha olive oil compete more effectively in the world. That is why they promote the organization of courses, tastings, professional meetings and all kinds of sectorial events.

Experience oleo tourism as you had never imagined

Luz de Alba has 6 rural accommodation with avant-garde architecture and a careful interior design to welcome rural tourism lovers who want to experience all the cultural and natural wealth of La Mancha while immersing themselves in the culture of olive oil.

Aceitunas y Agencia Fandom. Luz de Alba

The importance of having a design to compete

Throughout the process of transforming Luz de Alba, the company was finding a certainty that still resists for many Spanish companies: design is an indispensable tool to compete in a global market and to achieve the desired positioning of your brand in the mind of the consumer. If the story of a brand, its advantages and its proposals, revolve around certain ideas, an adequate and effective design must collect that essence and build a brand that is quickly recognizable by consumers.