LA 1 DE MOYANO Renewal of a legendary cultural space in Madrid
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Revitalizing an emblematic space in Madrid

The City Council of Madrid, looking to revitalize the historic Cuesta de Moyano, (that street full of second-hand bookstores next to El Retiro) decided to put its municipal stand at the disposal of cultural groups. They counted on Fandom to renew the image of the municipal stand and to showcase all the revitalization works of the Cuesta de Moyano. Creation of the visual identity of the No. 1 stand of the Cuesta de Moyano for the City of Madrid

Proyect Creation of the visual identity of the No. 1 Stand of Cuesta de Moyano for the City of Madrid Categories Branding. Intervención urbana.
Date 2017
1 de Moyano


The historic Cuesta de Moyano, a street in which the only thing that exists, besides sidewalks are bookstores. Cuesta de Moyano it’s not going through one of its best moments. The City Council of Madrid, to promote this historic enclave, has made available the municipal stand ( No. 1) to cultural groups looking to hold there cultural activities and proposals that attract the general public. For the renewal of the image, Fandom assumed the responsibility of working in such a special place inspired by one of the most original writers of the 20th century, Ramón Gómez de la Serna.

La 1 de Moyano en Madrid
The 1 of Moyano also hosts an intense cultural activity. The programming that develops around this space is collected monthly in a poster with a design integrated in the visual identity of La 1 de Moyano.

Anchovies and other curiosities

The design and creativity of the stand started from the description made by the great Gómez de la Serna about la Cuesta de Moyano which he referred to as the Boquerón Fair. To this was added the creative requirements of the first cultural collective that was to host the stand: the great organizers of the HUL literary festival (¡Hostia un libro!). A vintage style was combined with the modernity of the City Council proposal, working with a stand as a space to stop and read on the slope and learn about the different curiosities that can be seen on the outside.

1 de Moyano
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The new stand had a very positive influence on the press and it served as a symbol to explain the City Council's plan to revitalize the hill.

1 de Moyano en Madrid. Cuesta de Moyano. Ilustración boquerón

Tradition and anchovies

The concept, approaches, design and final execution of the stand number 1 of Cuesta de Moyano are the perfect example of how to intervene in an urban space respecting the tradition and even putting it in value at the same time as it rejuvenates and Humorous and carefree resources are used.  In a very short time, la 1 de Moyano has become a street benchmark with a lot of history and a meeting place for innumerable cultural activities.