Brand identity services


At Fandom we go for maximizing the investment on time and money thanks to powerful brand narratives and a coherent design at service of that story.If the public is able to recognize the whole story that contains a brand by just seeing the logo, a specific application or a packaging, it will take less time to tell the same story again.Less time to tell a story also means less money invested in buying media and advertising spaces and more effectiveness in each communicative impact.

We work on the positioning of a brand from its conception to its last visual expressions


The talent of the design department is one of the big differences between Fandom and many other agencies. We transform ideas into images that are inseparable from your brand and the values ​​of your company. We use all kinds of actions:

  • Branding: logotype, brand manual, stationery...
  • Web Design: UX, UI, CMS Worpdress, e-commerce...
  • Advertising design: posters, banners, flyers, rollups...
  • Editorial design: magazines, books, catalogs...
  • Packaging: product design, labeling, merchandising...
Batman y Agencia Fandom Madrid


We work on brand positioning at all levels. This begins with a key service: naming, which determines a lot of the personality and future presence of the brand. Programa Pulsar (an Everis Foundation’s initiative to create a network of mentoring among women), Lead Motiv (an online marketing agency) or Stay & Joy (a relocation company of foreign executives in Spain) are some of our most recent creations.

Some of our names

One of the fundamental elements of any brand identity is the name. A good name is the first step to build a great brand.


Online marketing agency specialised in Inbound and qualified lead capture techniques.


Relocation agency for foreign managers who come to work in Spain and help expats.


Everis Foundation’s mentoring program for successful women and young girls.


Event that brings the figure of Cervantes closer to the youngest on the occasion of the IV Centenary of the death of the writer.


We do not make a logo; we make “your logo” (and the whole visual system of your brand). At Fandom we work so we do not make a design for a brand; we make “your” design, unique, your own and in line with the personality and values of your brand. To compete, you do not have to pretend to be what you are not, but to strengthen your own power. This was the case of Lead Motiv, a marketing agency with a meticulous design care on its content marketing actions. Fandom developed a brand identity with a big impact, unique in its sector and that focuses on the differential points of its offer, on those things that make them unique.


In the development and construction of a brand, for Fandom it’s essential to understand how that brand should speak and define a verbal identity that is as powerful as the visual one. A good slogan, for example, can turn a brand narrative towards a suitable positioning (as was the case of “Yo estuve alli”: “I was there” for Sociedad Histórica), or summarize the essence of everything that a brand wants to be (as in the case of “Un sabor de otro tiempo”: “A taste of another time” of Luz de Alba).

Naming inspiration
Campaign developed for the travel agency called Sociedad Histórica around the claim “Yo estuve alli”: "I was there"
Servicios de diseño y poducción Agencia Fandom

Does your brand have its own anti-shark spray?

A powerful brand defeats your worst enemies and becomes the perfect ally to fight all sorts of battles. We do not promise that from your logo we can make a batarang, but we will maximize it to make it one of the main assets of your company.